Friday, July 31, 2009

Bootcamp pics...

Hey there everyone! So as some of you know, I take part in bootcamp fitness training twice a week in nearby Herbert Park. A couple weeks ago I arrived early only to be asked to take part in some pictures for the website overhaul. If you go to this link:

You can view a couple pictures that made the cut. I am in two pictures; in the first one, there are four people doing squats against four trees, I'm the last squatter. Also, there are four people lunging, I am the lunger furthest away!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Around Valencia...

La Market Central...Valencia

As usual...this was THE thing I wanted to see most when I was in Valencia...La Market Central! It was AMAZING...beyond words. I walked around it for 1.5 hours and bought myself a wonderful lunch of fresh fruit, charcuterie, cheese and tomatoes for very little money! What fun!

bon appetit...

One quarter of the market was taken over by the seafood section. You wouldn't know it by the smell could inhale deeply and only smell the ocean, not fish! it was incredible, plus there were things I'd never seen before.

The Cathedral...Valencia

I kept hearing about how I shouldn't miss the Cathedral and museum. Here it is: (sorry, no flashes allowed)

The Promenade...Valencia

From my hostel I had the privilege of walking down the Promenade (they have a much more romantic Spanish name for it, but I can't recall what it is now) to get to the City of Arts and Sciences. I came upon many spectacular surprises...including orange groves, olive groves, lovely fountains and african dance group + drummers, practicing!

The City of Arts & Sciences...Valencia

This place was AMAZING! They had 9 different buildings representing 9 different regions of the world and the wildlife/ocean life that reside in those regions. It was interesting AND educational!

La Museo de Sciencia.
I could have spent more time here, walking through the MANY exhibits had I not spent 2.5 hours in the aquarium. The exhibits were both kid and adult friendly...very interactive, hands on learning! I would definintely go back! They had a huge exhibit on the MARVEL comic superheroes and villians, which was the best part!

The IMAX. The closest, rounded building is the IMAX. It was built to represent an eye.

The head piece I am wearing is my own personal audio headset. They didn't tell us what they were for, they simply gave them to us, so I listened to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet narrate the Deep Sea in Spanish for 15 minutes before an usher helped me!