Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enough Cliffs already...

I took mom on the 5k Cliff Walk from Greystones to Bray... In Greystones we came upon Daly's Supervalu... plus Chris and my favorite organic food market...The Happy Pear! Mom loved the walk and we met up with Chris and dad in Bray at the Swan Sanctuary!

We came across so many snails and insects we've never seen before...

Coming into Bray!

I see you!

No, I see you!

At the Swan Sanctuary in Bray, mom was brave for a short time, then Mr. Swan got a bit aggressive and exit mom! Was pretty funny to watch (and hear!).

Waiting for the DART in Bray...why not take another picture?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Cliffs of Mo-hair...

Ah, the Cliffs of what? According to Americans they are the Cliffs of More, but to the Irish and the rest of the world, they are the Cliffs of Mo-har. I still feel weird pronouncing it that way. So the pictures are from my camera, my mom's and my dad's (not in that order)...couldn't decide which shot was the best so I chose them all! Plus proof they were there!

Doolin Banjos...

So while in Ireland, I had to bring my parents to Doolin, it is the village that holds my fondest memories or my first trip to the Emeral Isles. I do believe they now hold it dear to their hearts as well!
Long distance relatives live in Doolin and used to run this we ate there for dinner, next to the river smelling of peat.

I reserved spots for us all at the Aille River Hostel. I wasn't sure how my parents would like it seeing that they would likely be the oldest people there, but not only were they warmly welcomed, they loved the experience of meeting so many people from different cultures. We chatted with people from France, Belgium, Holland and the states. Ate delicious homemade scones from the general store and played cards over breakfast! This is where I stayed 4 years ago and loved it so much. It's only improved since then!

Down on Doolin Point...this place holds special memories for me from my trip 4 years ago. The wind was blowin hard, the rain sleeting down and the waves crashing loudly, but still majestic!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Westport and the Croagh...

Leaving Sligo behind us, we headed down to Westport for some lunch, then on to the Croagh Patrick and Murrisk Abbey. Mom got a kick out of these two gentlemen with their lengthy and stereotypically Irish goodbye. She got the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever tasted...I took a taste before she had a chance to take the in trouble for that one! ;) totally worth it!

Mom took this photo especially for Pawl...made her think of him!

The O'Connor's have the Supervalu monopoly in the West of Ireland and the Daly's in the East. I think our family is well represented!

At the base of the Croagh Patrick. They thought it was as beautiful as I do!

Murrisk Abbey...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sligo and Strandhill...

We stayed at this wonderful B&B called Pearse Lodge. What wonderful Hosts Mary and Kieron were. They had this hovering door for the attic...apparently Kieron was a pack rat. Their breakfast was lovely and the rooms very clean, modern and comfortable! I highly recommend this place!

Mom and dad were very excited to check out an Irish grocery store. We spent about 1.5 hours in this was great seeing the supermarket brand new through their eyes, getting excited about all the cool stuff they've either never seen before or haven't seen since serving in Germany. They made many purchases that were brought back on the plane with them!

Chris and I treated mom and dad to a seaweed bath at Voya Spa in Strandhill. I wasn't sure how they would like it b/c the water gets really brown and slimy, but they loved it. Mom smiled all night long! Said she felt rejuvinated afterward! We enjoyed being on the beach for a while...I am really starting to enjoy the salty sea air...I love living near the water!

Around Sligo town. We headed to this traditional Irish pub called Hargadon. Apparently, back in the old days of Ireland, they used to have the post, the shop and the pub all in the same building. This pub still has the original shop counter fully intact when you walk into the bar (see picture below). They also used to have a special room at the front of the pub where the women were to sit and have their drinks while waiting for the men, b/c the women weren't allowed in the pub itself. This pub still has that room as well, although they allow women throughout the pub now!

This is what they call their crosswalks in Ireland...