Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebratory lunch...

After a very long time searching, after many revisions of resumes and cover letters, after many discouraging interviews and lack of responses my search for full-time employment has come to a end...nd it was all worth it! I have been offered and have accepted the position of Fitness Coordinator at Chambrel at Williamsburg, a Senior Living Campus near William & Mary College. I will be in charge of personal training, group exercise, fitness programming, healthy cooking demos, nutrition and health education workshops...skies' the limit really...for independent and assisted living residents and staff! I am very excited and really feel like I belong in this environment. They are my kind of people!

To celebrate the joyous news Bev and Robin took Chris and I out for a celebratory lunch and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you both so much for all your support and encouragement!
I would also like to thank my parents for their thoughtful card and oh so special box of chocolates that I love so much (you know me so well!), as well as their never-ending support and encouragement. I wish we could be closer, but I am glad for the chats we are able to have!

And, of course, my loving husband who has continued to support and encourage me from the very beginning! I love you very much!

Thank you to everyone else who have been so supportive via e-mail and phone calls/texts! It has meant a great deal and helped me continue on even when there didn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nights of Catan...

As usual, Chris and I can't get enough Catan...luckily, we were able to partake Friday and Saturday night, thanks to Carl & Kate.

Yet another one of my talented husband's mysterious and "useful" tricks!
Carl studying the board very intently...we threw in a new spin by the "explorers" version that my brothers and sis-in-law came up with last year!
Kate joined us Saturday for a delightful grapefruit & avocado salad. She was in charge of making the salad dressing. Ever since culinary school, I've been giving Kate some informal lessons and one goal she's been working toward has been to properly emulsify a vinaigrette! Well, with a bit of over-motor stimulation, she has successfully done it!
And here's the proof! Isn't it beautiful!
Good job Kate!